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Another poke restaurant had surfaced in town! Poke is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine, and sometimes as an entree. Poke means 'to cut' or 'to slice' in Hawaiian. This restaurant is opened by Dancer Dennis Yin and his friends. My friend and I went on the second day of their opening. We reached the restaurant around 10:30am. When we reached there, there was no customer yet and we were the first on that day. I guess we were too early for poke bowl hahaha.

Many flower stands to congratulate the owners were placed outside of the cafe. They have both outdoor and indoor seating. Their shop space is very pleasing. Everyone are allowed to choose a paper fish to write messages and pin on the board. I wrote my name on a paper fish and pinned on the board. Go find my fish if you can;)

Simple interior design was not that bad at all. My friend and I felt very cold in this restaurant and no wifi is provided for now. They have large space and can fit many customers. I sat near the glass door because it had good lighting. We saw Dennis Yin after we finished our poke bowl! The staffs were friendly to us. One of the staff came to us and asked us how was the food.

It is self service when you are in the restaurant. You need to order at the cashier and collect it yourself. It is also self service for cutlery and condiments. You can get free water too! There have three types of sauce which are Creamy Wasabi sauce, Fiery sauce and Garlic Factor sauce.

There are three proteins you can choose from which are salmon, tuna and shrimp. For those people that like spicy, you can choose the protein that have added chili. Most of the poke bowl cost RM17.90. You can add on ingredients too. They have vegan bowl for those people that eat vegan foods.

Step 1: Choose your base. There are two choices which are white rice and baby greens.

 Step 2: Choose your preferable protein. 

 Step 3: Choose your toppings. As you can see in the menu, they have set 4 ingredients for each protein. If you are lazy like me, you can just order the list of ingredients they have written in the menu. However, you can customize your own toppings. You just need to tell the staff what you want. 

Step 4: More toppings! All bowls will topped with ebiko, sesame seed, furikake, spring onion and seaweed flakes. You can choose to add on more ingredients!

Citrus-san (RM17.90) - Baby greens with salmon that dipped in secret lime sauce topped with cherry tomato, onion, Japanese cucumber and edamame. My friend ate this bowl because she liked raw salmon unlike me. The salmon was so deliciously juicy and it exploded in her mouth. The leafy salad bits and baby greens were also cut and perfectly seasoned well with zesty and tangy drippings of sauce. She was definitely craving for more.

Mango Salsa (Rm17.90) - White rice with mango salsa shrimp topped with sea-salt corn, edamame, sakura denbu, mango and Japanese cucumber. I am a mango lover so I love this combination! I really liked how the mango incorporated with other ingredients. The rice cooked nicely and not hard. The shrimps were juicy and very well-seasoned. The toppings were fresh and well balanced. I also liked that fact that it had sweet and juicy corn in my bowl. I am satisfied with this poke bowl!

You must put sauces to your poke bowl. It tasted much better with the sauces. I had tried Fiery sauce and Garlic Factor sauce. I really liked Garlic Factor because it had chunk of garlic in the sauce. If you like spicy, you should put more Fiery sauce. I do not like wasabi so I did not try Creamy Wasabi sauce.

Honestly, this shop is better than the one in Sunway. I don't mind coming here again because it tasted good and was healthy. 

P.s This is based on my own preferences and my humble opinions. It may be different compare to other people.

Paperfish TTDI
26, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, 
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 
Kuala Lumpur.
(Same row as Goodness Greens Cafe)

Contact: +60323850007
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday (10am-10pm)

Official website:

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