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Last few days, my mum and I went to The Good Co. for tea time. At first, we did not know where this cafe was and we were literally lost in Bangsar. I went to their official website to find out where the cafe is located. It is located in Bon Estates Gallery and it is just opposite Bangsar Shopping Centre (why they open a cafe in a gallery? no idea). The founder of this cafe is Miss Universe Malaysia 2008! This cafe opened around two months ago. I wanted to go this cafe because their food looks good and yet healthy. This is my first time trying cafe's smoothie bowl. I am a big fan of smoothie bowls and I make smoothie bowls myself at home all the time. It would be amazing to try smoothie bowls that they made and get inspired by their way of making it and try it at home myself.

They have a small parking lot beside the building. It was raining heavily and a security guard came to us and gave us umbrella,how nice of himThey have one of the biggest main entrance door I have ever seen.

 This is what you will see when you walk into Bon Estates Gallery. The place is very high class and the interior design is very unique that makes the customers feel warm and cozy.

 The seats were crowded with customers and fortunately there was one table that is not occupied. They only have six tables for indoor seating and I feel that they should have more tables.

They have outdoor seats too! Their outdoor seats have nice lighting and are good for small groups' gatherings. 

When I was about to order the food, the founder of The Good Co. was at the cashier. I asked her which oats jar is their signature. She is very friendly and told me nicely.

They serve many types of food such as oats jar, smoothie bowls, artisan sandwiches, coffee and more. The price for all the food is not more than RM22. Their food pictures on the menu are so pretty!! It makes me wanna order them all hahah. I saw everyone ordered their smoothie bowl and it looks amazing and yummy so I want to give it a try too. I really like their concept of serving honest and healthy food.

Golden Bowl (RM16.90) – Mango smoothie bowl topped with bananas, mangoes, chia seeds, blueberries, goji berries, pumpkin seeds and crunchy granolas. The mango smoothie bowl had a great texture and consistency and it tasted good too. They used natural and fresh ingredients which made me love the smoothie bowl even more. I really love their granolas and I wish there’s more in the bowl! The toppings accommodate the smoothie very well. Honestly, I made mango smoothie bowl before and it just tasted exactly the same. It would also be way cheaper than the price that are charging now. For people that haven’t try smoothie bowl before, you can give this a try. 

 Soul Jar (RM14.90) – Oats jar with homemade raspberry rose puree, yogurt, overnight rolled oats and crunchy granolas. This oats jar was sour because of the raspberry puree and yogurt. The crunchy granola was different from the smoothie bowl ones. The granola had a plain taste but when coupled with raspberry rose puree, it was a perfect match for my taste buds. It might taste very sour for some people. The rolled oats were placed at the bottom of the jar and tasted sweet. This jar will be very filling if you eat this all by yourself.

If you feel guilty about eating something unhealthy, this is the best place to satisfy your cravings for guilty free food. If not, there is nothing to shout about. They provide delivery service too. You can go to their website to order their healthy food and deliver it to your house. You do not need to stress about the traffic jam and bad weather. Visit their website for more information. 

P.s This is based on my own preferences and my humble opinions. It may be different compare to other people.

The Good Co. Bangsar
Bon Estates Gallery
184, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar
Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: +60322026536
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday (9am-6pm)

Official website:

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